Mojitos recipe 

Summertime cocktails so are much fun!!!! We are visiting some friends who recently put in a pool so we are enjoying a beautifully sunny day and some poolside mojitos! The first round were traditional mojitos, but about as organic as you can get. And the second round of “fire and water” mojitos had a little kick, but were cooled off with some watermelon. Both were equally delicious!! 

I love a fun cocktail, but i don’t usually order them out because I don’t know what kind of gross chemicals are could be lurking in the mixers. I like to have control over what goes into my body. This is a super yummy, light and refreshing mojitos that doesn’t have a bunch of gross chemicals and additives in it. And it’s easy to whip up because we just use organic agave syrup instead of a simple syrup that would need to be made ahead of time.  For a cocktail, it’s about as organic as you can get. 

This recipe makes 4 mojitos. Cheers! 

Traditional mojito


2 limes (one cut into 1/4s, one cut into 1/8s)

3 cups of seltzer water or club soda 

4 tablespoons of organic agave syrup 

White rum 

20 Mint leaves, torn (about 5 per glass)

Ice cubes 

1. In the bottom of 4 glasses, place 2 slices from the lime cut into eighths, the torn mint leaves and the agave syrup. Muddle the ingredients together.  

2. Add 1.5 – 2 shots of rum and 5-6 ice cubes per glass. 

3. Squeeze 1 of the lime wedges from the lime cut into fourths into each glass and fill the glass with seltzer (at least 1/2 cup). 

4. Mix well and serve. 
“Fire and water” mojitos recipe:

I named these after drinking 2 mojitos so time will tell if it’s a terrible name or not. The “fire” is for a hot pepper that my husband grew in the garden and the “water” is from watermelon. 

Follow exact recipe above, but add 1 tablespoon of watermelon and a small slice of hot pepper to the bottom of the glass before you muddle it. This mojito has a little kick to it and a delicious watermelon hint. 

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