Shopping for clean beauty products 

A friend today asked me about how I find non toxic bath and beauty products. I told her that actually just today I purchased some shampoo, conditioner and mascara. Whenever I shop, I usually look for natural products that don’t have a lot of “toxic junk” that could harm me or my family. So many beauty products are filled with hormone disrupters and carcinogens and I try very hard to keep those out of my home. 
I told her that while I was in the store I googled a couple of the products that I saw with “EWG” after the name of the product. The Environmental Working Group is a non profit organization whose goal is provide information to the public about dangerous toxins in our environment. I depend on them when buying shampoo, lotions, makeup, toothpaste, deodorant, baby lotions, diaper cream, etc.  They break down the ingredients and tell you what could be harmful and how harmful it is on a scale of 1 to 10. It’s so user friendly and has made shopping for my family so much easier for me. 
Today I ended up with these items. Here are the screenshots from my phone so you can see what I saw when I did my quick search. 
If you are just starting out and feeling overwhelmed on how to find healthy products that aren’t toxic or harmful to yourself or your family and friends, I highly recommend that you use EWG as a resource.  

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